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Most Popular Questions


Google loves and needs information to rank your website. But how should provide Google with all this information? That’s is the point where we makes your life as a Blogger or Website owner much more comfortable.

2. Will the traffic help me with ranking & SEO?

Usually, Google ranks higher websites with more traffic. By this fact we believe, having more traffic in Google Analytics will increase your ranking. 

3. Do you have other plans?

If you need massive amouts of visitors or lower than the listed plans , we can deliver as much as you need of visits per month.

4. How can I track your traffic?

We guarantee that you will see all the traffic in your Google Analytics, or Yandex Analytics

5. Is it Adsense (and PPC affiliate programs) safe?

Yes, it is 100% safe for PPC ads. To avoid any risk of harming your website or violate any rule of those programs, we provide healthy and organic traffic.

6. On how many websites can I send visitors?

Each purchase will enable you to send website traffic to one Url of your choice. We do not support Third-Level- Domain. Your purchase will be available one website.

7. What Websites are not allowed ?

 Adult website, redirects,short links,Drugs or other harmful websites are not allowed,

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